Fable Fortune achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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What a Lovely Pair

Play a Co-Op boss and win the game.

Just Moonlighting

Win 10 games with Shapeshifter.

Waking the Dead

Win 10 games with Gravedigger.

Divine Intervention

Win 10 games with Prophet.

Sealing the Deal

Obtain 18 Seals in a Co-Op boss event.

Brewing Up a Storm

Win 10 games with Alchemist.

Striking a Deal

Win 10 games with Merchant.

Buying the Farm

Win 10 games with Knight.

Playing to Win

Win 100 games.

Miracle Worker

Win 100 games with Alchemist.

Defender of the Realm

Win 100 games with Knight.

Claws for Concern

Win 100 games with Shapeshifter.

Strictly Business

Win 100 games with Merchant.

Isn’t It Necromantic?

Win 100 games with Gravedigger.

Albion’s Champion

Win 500 games.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Play 2,000 games.

Beyond Belief

Win 100 games with Prophet.