Entropy : Zero achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Sucker's Luck

Ten Sterilize Credits

Kill 10 rebels.

Twenty Sterilize Credits

Kill 20 rebels.

Thirty Sterilize Credits

Kill 30 rebels.

Deadly Exploit

Forty Sterilize Credits

Kill 40 rebels.

Still Alive

More Gun

A Real Class Act

Get 5 kills using Manhacks only.

(Very) Dead Tenant

Vague Voices

Did you hear that?

Fifty Sterilize Credits

Kill 50 rebels.

Baby Sittin' Job



Plosive Expletive

Hunter Killer

Subtle Cop

Eviction Notice

Evict 20 Vortigaunts from Pillar 10. And from the realm of the living.

On Ice

I know the pieces fit

Next Generation

Find all of the Lambda Generation tags.

Beaches Babes and Waves

Find and wobble 7 Hula dolls.

Kindergarten Cop

Picked up that can

Threw it in the trashcan


Ignite 20 Zombies using flares.

Garbage Poet

Find all of the poem pieces.

Bad Cop

Beat the game on Bad Cop difficulty.

Beat Cop

Complete the game on Normal mode or higher.

Bullet Hangover

Die 100 times.