FreeCell Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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First Victory

Win your first battle.

Good Start

Reach Level 5

On Your Way to Victory

Reach Level 10

Kingdom of Melaan

Complete Kingdom of Melaan

Dual Wielding

Unlock a second Free Cell.

Triple Threat

Unlock a third Free Cell.

Kingdom of Hurlen

Complete Kingdom of Hurlen

Kingdom of Eidolon

Complete Kingdom of Eidolon

Free City Ulshantir

Complete Free City Ulshantir

Gaining Strength

Reach Level 20

Quad Damage

Unlock a fourth Free Cell.

Principate of Harkhares

Complete Principate of Harkhares

Bastion of Krell

Complete Bastion of Krell

Two Suits Ten Seconds

Complete a 2 suit level in less than 10 seconds.

Kingdom of Seth-Ar-Gol

Complete Kingdom of Seth-Ar-Gol

Five Nights at Freddy's

Unlock a fifth Free Cell.

Seignory of Ghordrun

Complete Seignory of Ghordrun

Rainbow Six

Unlock a sixth Free Cell.

Four Suits Sixty Seconds

Complete a 4 suit level in less than 60 seconds.

Condominium of Saadaran

Complete Condominium of Saadaran

Heptarchy of Nepherkeb

Complete Heptarchy of Nepherkeb

Eight Suits Three Hundred Seconds

Complete a 8 suit level in less than 300 seconds.

Six Suits One Hundred Twenty Seconds

Complete a 6 suit level in less than 120 seconds.

Khanate of Sebassaher

Complete Khanate of Sebassaher

Republic of Serenil

Complete Republic of Serenil

Arkheinate of Sidjev

Complete Arkheinate of Sidjev

Pirate Nation Archios

Complete Pirate Nation Archios

FreeCell Quest Master

Reach Level 40

Palatinate of Isorion

Complete Palatinate of Isorion

Kingdom of Renmark

Complete Kingdom of Renmark

Principality of Niverlunn

Complete Principality of Niverlunn

Kingdom of Saverne

Complete Kingdom of Saverne

Kingdom of Segakorn

Complete Kingdom of Segakorn

Great Lands of Asteria

Complete Great Lands of Asteria

Master of Selvarin

Complete the entire continent of Selvarin!

Lands of Linoƫ

Complete Lands of Linoƫ