Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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First Gold

Earn a gold medal

First Blood

Destroy 10 towers

Little Collector

Collect 20 abilities


Destroy 50 towers

Squad Buyer

Buy 10 units

This Stuff Is Good

Collect 25 Carusaurum caches


Earn 5 gold Efficiency medals

Covert Op

Use one Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 units

Squad Merchant

Buy 35 units

Military Nurse

Use one Repair ability to fix 400 damage

Pimp Your Squad

Fully upgrade a unit

Fist Of Stone

Earn 5 gold Ruthlesness medals

The Suit Works Fine

Use every ability 20 times each

Campaign Lieutant

Complete all Story Mode missions

Squad Financier

Buy 70 units

Demolition Boy

Destroy 50 towers with Air Strike

Factory Manager

Produce 50 abilities with Supply Unit

Master Bomber

Use one Airstrike ability to kill 4 towers

Piggy Bank

Complete a mission with $1000 cash left

Squad Quartermaster

Buy 100 units

Assault Leader

Complete Squad Assault Mode

Campaign Colonel

Complete all Story Mode missions in advanced mode

Master Technician

Fully upgrade every unit type

Seasoned Fighter

Destroy every tower 10 times each

Diversity Is Fun

Use 6 different units from mission start to finish

Campaign Hero

Earn every gold medal during Story Mode

Campaign General

Complete all Story Mode missions in hard mode

War Hero

Earn every gold medal in the game


Destroy 500 towers


Disable 10 Hackers field


Complete a mission without using the Repair


Destroy 250 towers


Protect deployed Decoy with Smoke Screen


Destroy 1000 towers


Destroy 2000 towers


Earn $50.000


Buy 150 units


Use 4 different abilities simultaneously


Use Repair 5 times to fully heal a unit each time