Death Tractor achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Turn in 50 or more corn stalks at once.

Hallowed Groundskeeper

Turn in 100 or more corn stalks at once.


Cut 1,000 stalks of corn.

The Conjuring... of Corn

Turn in 200 or more corn stalks at once.

"I want to play a game"

Earn 2,000 points in a singleplayer game.

28 Corn Later

Turn in exactly 28 corn stalks at once.

The Creeper

Cut down 20 Nomsanto members.


One Foot in the Grave

Spend 10 minutes at the slowest speed.

Child of the Corn

Cut 10,000 stalks of corn.


Cut down 40 Nomsanto members.

"You think corn is your ally?"

Earn 5,000 points in a singleplayer game.


Cut down 111 Nomsanto members.

"One, two, tractors comin' for you"

Earn 8,000 points in a singleplayer game.


Cut down 300 Nomsanto members.

Texas Corn Massacre

Cut 100,000 stalks of corn.