Aarklash: Legacy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Wheel Sword

Reach level 2 with one of your units

Copper Link

Reach level 4 with one of your units

First Victory

Defeat the Major Elemental

Noob Jeweler

Make an Epic item


Complete Act I


Develop a skill to its maximum

Silver Link

Reach level 10 with one of your units

Oops, sorry!

Kill one of your own units with an ally

Mechanical Love

Be present at the encounter between Knokka and Frinz

Explorer of the Behemoth

Find all the chests on the map where the Chimera is to be found

Apprentice Jeweler

Make 5 Epic items

Master Jeweler

Make 10 Epic items


Complete Act II


Open the door that leads to the treasure chamber before you meet your Patron Lockshy

Gold Link

Reach level 20 with one of your units

The secret of the Statues

Solve the mystery of the statues at the beginning of Act 3

Mysterious Explorer

Find all the chests on the map where the statues show you the way


Complete Act III

I am a goddess

Finish the game

Explorer of the Abandoned City

Find all the chests within the subterranean city


Secret Game


Make an enemy die with a healing spell

Still Love!

Aarklash : Legacy

Complete the game in Rag'narok level of difficulty


Complete the Cave of the Behemoth without ever being hit by a Skeleton Mage projectile

Real Time

Start a new game in Rag'narok level of difficulty; then reach and kill Baron Mornstar without ever pausing the game. Make sure you disable the tutorial and the automatic pause options.


Defeat the first Lord of Pain in Rag'narok level of difficulty without ever pausing the game during the combat

Healers at rest!

Defeat the Golems in Rag'narok level of difficulty with Knokka, Denzil, Frinz and Leck Lorus