Valiant Hearts: The Great War achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Forward, March!

Raise the flag at the end of the basic training

Never forget

Find 5 historical items

Good doggy

Pet the dog

A new friendship is born

Shoot the tractor before it crushes Emile

It's all fire and death now…

Witness the zeppelin crash

A glimmer of hope

Rescue Karl from underneath the zeppelin


Finish the Douaumont Fort mission

Helpful Laundryman

Push all the laundry bags

To those who fell

Find 50 historical items

Ypres' wake-up call

Ring the bell 3 times in Ypres

Revenge never meant happiness

Defeat the Baron Von Dorf

So close yet so far!

Escape the French army with Anna and Karl

Knowledge is power

Read 30 historical facts

Some will survive...

Save Karl

...Some will not

Finish the game

Taxi Racer

Complete 1 taxi mission without damaging the car

King of the Hill 145

Shoot the German flag with the cannon at Vimy's ridge

Brothers' Keeper

Save your entire platoon during the battle of Somme

They'll all be remembered

Find every single historical item

Healing Hero

Save Karl for the third time without making any mistakes