iO achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Lets get this party started

Unlock the full game

First Blood

Win a gold medal

10 down, 140 to go

Play 10 levels

Big Shot

Expand your ball 100 times

The little man

Shrink your ball 100 times

Bronze Beauty

Win 10 bronze medals


Complete all trial levels

Silver Stallion

Win 10 silver medals

Keep on rollin'

Play 25 levels

First Checkpoint

Complete level pack 1

On a roll

Collect 25 medals

Gold grabber

Win 10 gold medals

Life gets nifty after fifty

Play 50 levels


Expand your ball 1000 times

Mini me

Shrink your ball 1000 times


Play 75 levels


Collect 50 medals

Round 2

Complete level pack 2

100 Big Ones

Play 100 levels

Three times a charm

Complete level pack 3

Over the hill

Collect 75 medals

Almost there...

Play 125 levels


Complete level pack 4


Play 150 levels

Mad Medal Collector

Collect 100 medals


Complete level pack 5

Six Pack

Complete level pack 6

Prize Hungry

Collect 125 medals

Bronze Stud

Collect at least a Bronze medal in 150 levels

Hey, big expander

Expand your ball 10000 times

Silver Fox

Collect at least a Silver medal in 150 levels

Little big adventure

Shrink your ball 10000 times

Gold Digger

Collect at least a Gold medal in 150 levels

Impeccaball play

Complete all Impeccaball levels

Incrediball play

Complete all Incrediball levels

Impeccaball ride

Collect a medal in all Impeccaball levels

Incrediball ride

Collect a medal in all Incrediball levels

Impossiball play

Complete all Impossiball levels

Impossiball ride

Collect a medal in all Impossiball levels