Draw Near achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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You are the Hero!

Rescue all your companions.

Recycle!! I

Break 50 enemy robots down.

Adventurous I

Explore drifting ship 10 times.

I can't eat so much...

Store more than 100 foods.

Recycle!! II

Break 250 enemy robots down.

Let's return to our home!

Ride the rocket heading to the Earth.

You're the President of electric power company!

Upgrade all power generators to Level3.

I won't be afraid of lacking resources anymore.

Upgrade all Water & Oxygen Generators to Level3.

Adventurous II

Explore drifting ship 100 times.

Recycle!! III

Break 2000 enemy robots down.

It is insufficient however there may be a life.

Die 25 times.

I can't live without this...

Take a bath 50 times.