Geneshift achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Quad Kill

Get a x4 kill streak in multiplayer.

The Ace of Spades

Win a multiplayer match of 4 or more players.


Kill 100 enemy mutants or guards.

Silent but Deadly

Get a x20 combo in the campaign with a stealth kill.

Let's Play a Game

Complete the first checkpoint of the campaign.

Brilliantly Bronze

Unlock the Bronze Medallion cosmetic.

Grim Reaper

Kill an enemy mutant while dead.

Multi Kill

Get a x8 kill streak in multiplayer.

We've got an Outbreak to Stop!

Detonate the fail-safe in the campaign Laboratory.

Mini Mutant Man

Reach level 10 on your multiplayer profile.

Simply Silver

Unlock the Silver Medallion cosmetic.

Defeating the Ruby Weapon

Kill an enemy mutant wearing the Ruby or Diamond cosmetic unlock.


Complete the Assassination mission.

Super Explorer

Discover a hidden Superweapon unlock in the campaign.

Chain Reaction

Destroy 10 vehicles in under 5s.

Crazy Campaigner

Complete the Insane campaign.

Hardcore Hero

Complete the Hardcore campaign.

Weapon Master

Complete the Weapon Master mission.

Time is Running Out

Complete a campaign speedrun in under 5 minutes.

Stage Smasher

Get an A+ rating on a campaign stage.


Kill 1000 enemy mutants or guards.

Base Builder

Have 10 chemicals placed in the map at the same time.

Genetically Gifted

Complete the Standard campaign.

Genetic Drift

Reach level 50 on your multiplayer profile.

I'm a Big Boy!

Complete the Newbie Checklist in multiplayer.

I Demand Respect

Unlock the Geneticist rank.

Hit Man

Complete the Hit Man mission.

Silent Stabbings

Complete the Silent Stabbings mission.


Kill 10000 enemy mutants or guards.

Demolition Man

Destroy over 100 vehicles.

Speedy Saviour

Complete the Hardcore campaign in under 2 hours.

Need a Medic?

Use Self Repair to heal 500hp of allied health in one life.

Pistol Practice

Complete the Pistol Practice mission.


Get a rank by playing 5 ranked games.

This is Mine

Capture a control point in Conquest.

Gotta Find 'Em All

Discover every unlock in the campaign.


Get a x12 kill streak in multiplayer.


Complete the Roadkill mission.

Gorgeously Gold

Unlock the Gold Medallion cosmetic.

Half Mutant, Half Machine

Reach level 30 on your permanent multiplayer profile.