Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Welcome to Burma

Skip the title screen.

Brave Volunteer

Complete flight training by finishing the Kindergarten mission.

Flying Circus

Perform all arcade-maneuvers, then activate TrazerTime.

Took a History Lesson

Read the campaign prologue.

AVG Rookie

Bounce a flight of “Sally” bombers in the Raid on Rangoon mission.

Peace Maker

Strafe or bomb at least 100 enemy soldiers.

AVG Pilot

Escape across Bay of Bengal in the Lucky Day Akyab mission.

Victorious Volunteer

Complete the campaign.

AVG Veteran

Complete the Final Flight mission.

Flying Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Eliminate three enemy aircraft at night.


Sink all ships in the Torpedogs challenge.

Part Man, Part Machine - 100% Tiger

Achieve at least 50% machine gun accuracy in any campaign mission.


Watch the credits roll.

Chennault's Pursuit Theory

Destroy an enemy aircraft while diving from high altitude in a P-40.

Waiting for the Sperm Whale

Land on water near the Phi Phi Islands and for wait sperm whales to appear.

True Dogfighter

Score 5 kills in a multiplayer battle.

Red Sun Rising

Destroy 10 P-40s flying an A6M2 Zero-fighter.

Swimming With Dolphins

Land on water near the Phi Phi Islands and wait for dolphins to surface.

Gone With the Wind

Dogfight and destroy 10 enemies in less than 5 minutes.

Sky's the Limit, Ninety Minutes

Play online for at least 90 minutes.

Descending Darkly

Land in front of the Schwedagon Pagoda at night.

Deadly Pursuit

Score 25 kills in a multiplayer battle.

Battleflag Bellybuster

Score three “CTF” points in a FLAGBUSTERS online battle.

Flotilla Killah

Sink a Japanese destroyer during the Invasion of Malaya mission.

Samurai Showdown

Survive 15 minutes in the Samurai Showdown challenge.

Ground Attack

Bomb all targets in the Ground Attack challenge with an accuracy of at least 50%.

Rocket Lightning

Complete the Rocket Lightning challenge without using machineguns.

Eye of the Tiger

Grab all flags in the Eye of the Tiger challenge in less than 4 minutes.