Blasted Fortress achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Well, That Was Close

Complete a siege with less than 5 seconds on the clock.


Destroy 1,000 Wood blocks.

Happy Little Explosions

Cause 75 Barrels to blow up.


Destroy 1,000 Stone blocks.


Complete a campaign, earning a Lore Page in the process.

I Fight For Perfection

Defeat any Beast without ever being struck.

Instant Access

Blow up 100 Detonation Blocks by hitting their respective plungers.


Lumamon is a shaman, but no beast of nature is capable of that power.

Destroy All Monsters

Defeat Genix, Lumamon, Nemmel, and Szalec.


Fire 1,000 Cannonballs overall.

I Said Lights OUT!

Knock sense into 50 Heal Blocks.


Genix was indeed very strong, but he was no match for you.

Shrapnel Slinger

Fire Cluster Shot 1,000 times.

Sick Burn

Set 20 blocks on fire while they're suffering the effects of acid.


Szalec's powers are unique and his name feels familiar.


Who did Nemmel betray? His defeat has not answered that question.


Destroy 10,000 Wood blocks.


Destroy 10,000 Stone blocks.

Voodoo Mysticism

Cast 100 voodoo spells in combat.

Tribal Taskmaster

Complete a total of 50 jobs from the Job Board.


Fire 1,000 Bomb Shot overall.

Acidic Behavior

Fire 500 Acid Shot overall.

Fire Belcher

Fire 1,000 Magma Shot overall.

Not Sure If Bravery Or Insanity

Reset your save game with 100,000 Gold in the Vault.

Super Attractive

Fire 500 Magnet Shot overall.