Talisman: Digital Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 248 unknown)

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My First Runestone!

Unlock your first Runestone.

Beasts of Burden

Collect 8 Objects in one game.

Best of Two out of Three

Win a Dice With Death encounter.

Row Your Boat

Use a Raft to cross the river.


As the Assassin, assassinate any creature or character.


As the Prophetess, replace any Adventure Card.

St. George

Kill a Dragon using the Holy Lance.

Dual Wielder

As the Warrior, kill an enemy with two weapons.

They Come in Gold?!

Unlock your first Gold Runestone.


As the Druid, change your alignment.

Reap What You Sow

Roll a 6 when confronted by the Reaper.

Climb to the Top

Make your way to the Eyrie and defeat the Eagle King.


Get yourself killed whilst someone is on the Crown of Command.

Royal Entourage

Have the Prince and Princess as followers at the same time.

Escape Artist

Escape from the Temple on the first try.

The Warlock Would Be Proud

Unlock all Runestones.


As the Thief, steal an Object from the Village.

Getting Ahead

Steal another player's turn.


As the Troll, heal yourself after rolling a 6 to move.

A Challenger Has Appeared

Kill a player already on the Crown of Command.


As the Wizard, raise your total Craft to 10.


Earn the Winner! reward 5 times.


As the Elf, move between two Woods spaces.


Win a game without losing a life.


As the Minstrel, charm any Animal.

I'm Not Fighting That!

Evade the Battle Hulk.

PvP Master

Earn the PvP Master reward 5 times.


As the Ghoul, raise an Enemy as a Follower.


Win a game without using fate.


As the Monk, increase your Pray score.

Battle Toad

Win a Battle as a Toad.

Prison Break

Escape from Jail.

Sharp Eyed Friend

Use the Magpie to find an Object quicker than usual.

Bound for Glory

In one game be Lightbound, Darkbound, Unbound and Fateless.

Trophy Master

Earn the Trophy Master reward 10 times.


As the Dwarf, travel to the Mines.

Beyond the Looking Glass

Have the Lord of Darkness teleport you straight to the Crown of Command.

The Midas Touch

Alchemise 8 objects in one game.

Stand and Deliver

As the Swashbuckler, defeat a creature in order to take another turn.

Learning the Ropes

Reach level 10.

A Helping Sleight of Hand

Defeat the Trickster and have him steal an Object for you.


As the Sorceress, beguile another character.

Hey, Watch Out!

'Accidentally' cause the Tumbling Boulder to land on another character.

What's in the Box?

Use the Treasure Chest (Frostmarch) to draw an Object.

What's in the Box?

Use the Treasure Chest (Frostmarch) to draw an Object.


Win the Lottery.

I Meant to Do That

As the Amazon, redo a battle you would have lost and go on to win.

I Go Where I Please!

Prevent someone from immobilising you.

Pied Piper

Earn the Pied Piper reward 10 times.

Divine Fervour

As the Martyr, win a battle by sacrificing a life.

Dragon Tamer

Use the Dragon's Eye to capture and use a Dragon in battle.

Meet My Master

Force another character to roll on the Werewolf's chart by beating them in combat.


Prevent the same person from casting spells 3 times in one game.

Big Spender

Earn the Big Spender reward 10 times.

The Exorcist

Use the Cross to kill a Demon.

Online Adventurer

Finish 5 online games.

Battle Master

Earn the Battle Master reward 20 times.


Earn the Strongest reward 20 times.

Boss Noble

Defeat one of the Noble Ifrits.

This is For You

Give another character some of your Gold.

Stay Frosty

Win a game by defeating the Ice Queen.

Spirit Destroyer

Earn the Spirit Destroyer reward 20 times.

A Perilous Journey

Move to the Plain of Peril after defeating the Lord of the Pit.

Most Intelligent

Earn the Most Intelligent reward 20 times.

Fate Weaver

Earn the Fate Weaver reward 5 times.

Hidden Fortress

As the Ninja, defeat an Enemy on the City space.

A Tale of Good and Evil (where Evil wins for a change)

As the Dark Cultist, take a life from a character of Good Alignment.

What Else do You Have Back There?

As the Warlock, take a card from the Purchase deck as a quest reward.


As the Courtesan, seduce another character.

Accidental Arsonist

Cause the City or Temple to go up in flames.

These Are Not the Cards You Are Looking For...

Prevent someone from casting Divination.

Feed the Beast

Placate the Scavenging Beasts by relinquishing a trophy to them.

Destiny awaits

Gain a Destiny Card whilst at the Meeting with Destiny space.

Contenders Ready!

As the Gladiator, use 3 trained Followers in a single battle.

Damaged Goods

Repair a broken sword or armour at the Armoury.

Twisted Firestarter

Use a card effect to burn another player's Card.

Waste Not, Want Not

As the Alchemist, alchemise 20 pieces of Gold.

Keeping One's Intentions in the Dark

As the Valkyrie, pray at the Graveyard with Good Alignment.

Tread Softly and Carry a Sword

Take a sleeping dragon as a trophy.

Splat a Rat

Defeat an enemy with Rat in its name in the Rat Queen’s Lair.

Spirit Slayer

As the Priest, destroy a Ghost.


As the Necromancer, use an enthralled Spirit in psychic combat.

Kitted Out

Have the Flail and Full Plate.


Earn the Revenge! reward 10 times.

The Student Becomes the Master

As the Apprentice Mage, raise your total Craft to 7 or more.

Wolf Among Us

Encounter Growing Suspicions with a lycanthrope in the game.

Out of Body Experience

Survive the effect of the Transformed and return to your original character.


As the Philosopher, replace 5 cards from the board.

Don't Fear the Reaper

Kill 5 characters with the assistance of the Reaper.

Spell Master

Earn the Spell Master reward 10 times.

Taking the Reins

Reach level 20.

I Have Done as You Asked

Win a game with the Warlock Quests ending.

Dancing Dragon

Give your scales to the Martial Artist in exchange for some training.

Controlling the Elements

As the Elementalist, automatically defeat an enemy Elemental.

The Imposter

As the Shape Shifter, take the shape of another character.

Spirit Begone!

Defeat a Spirit enemy in the Wraith Lord’s Domain.

Gift of the Silver Tongue

As the Merchant, swap an Object for a Magic Object.

Borrowed Luck

As the Gambler, tempt fate with another character and win.

Foresight Beats Hindsight

As the Gypsy, use your power of foretelling to avoid 10 Events.

Is it future or is it past?

Use the stones of time to change the Omen.

Hired Hitman

Pay the Assassin to take all of a character’s lives.

Poltergeist Exorcist

Earn the Poltergeist Exorcist reward 10 times.

Aww, You Shouldn't Have...

Receive 5 or more gold from Generosity.

No Contest

Win the game within the first 10 rounds.

Rightful Heir

As the Devil's Minion, acquire the Runesword.

Breaking the Bank

As the Leprechaun, stockpile more than 30 Gold.

Whirling Dervish

As the Dervish, move 5 or more spaces after defeating an enemy.

Exorcising Caution

As the Exorcist, destroy an unusable Object in order to gain a Spell.

The Cursed Hand of Doom

Cause all players to lose the game.

Still Only Counts as One

Defeat the Two Headed Dragon.

One Man's Trash...

As the Grave Robber, draw an object from the top of the discard pile.

Traversing the Void

Teleport 3 times in 1 turn.

Savings Snatcher

As the Rogue, take all the Gold from a character that currently has 5 or more.

Sharing is Caring

As the Vampiress, relinquish one or more of your followers to the Vampire at the Vampires Tower.

The Bigger Man

As the Chivalric Knight, assist a character with more strength than you in a battle.

Sibling Rivalry

Make two Dragons from the same Dragon deck fight to the death.

Hag Deliverer

Earn the Hag Deliverer reward 10 times.

A Knight's Tale

As the Knight, slay the Miser Dragon.

Spell Resistant

As the Black Witch, successfully resist 3 Spells in a single game.

Like a Boss

As the Ogre Chieftain, send a dominated Ogre into battle.

Spectral Stash

Take a Treasure card from the Throne Room after defeating the Wraith Lord.

Master Thief

Win the game with the Thieves' Guild ending.

King of Thebes

Solve the Sphinx of Khayu’s riddle.

Ifrit Born

Take no damage when ending your turn on a space with Fireland tokens.

Not All Doom and Gloom

As the Doomsayer, in one turn, replenish one fate and gain one spell as a result of any player drawing cards.

Come One, Come All

Use the Hydra Spell to cause a Spell to affect all 6 characters.

Gentle Graves

Win the game before the Dead Rise.


As the Conjurer, move a place using your ability.

Into the Unknown

As the Sage, win the game without ever consulting the decks.

Touch of Death

Take the last life of every player in a 6 player game (in combat).

The Heist

As the Cat Burglar, Burgle the most expensive item from a shop.

Misinformed Mystics

Win the game before the Stars Align.

Planetary Annihilation Averted

Win the game before the World Shatters.

Reckoning Reconvened

Win the game before the Armageddon.

There Can be Only One

As the Highlander, kill another Highlander character.

Pedlar Peddler

As the Pirate, sell the Pedlar on the black market.

Old Drunk of the Sea

Part ways with the Old Man of the Sea at the Tavern.

In the Court of the Toadstool King

Encounter the Toad King whilst you are a Toad.

Demon Vanquisher

Kill the Demon Lord.

Restore the World

Use Restore the World to remove a Terrain card and a Fireland token from a space.

Kindred Spirits

As the Sprite, have the Pixie and encounter a Fairy.

Master of the Fist

As the Martial Artist, hit someone with a crippling blow when unarmed.

A Heated Exchange

Defeat the Dragon King in combat.

It's a Living

Claim 15 gold in bounties in a single game.

Imperial Insurgent

As the Warlord, conscript another character's follower.

Into the Nothing

Consume the Luck Dragon.

No Genie Left Behind

As the Genie, rescue the Genie (Follower) from another character after defeating them.


Remove your lycanthropy status using Wolfsbane.

Keeper of the Hag

Trick the Dungeon Keeper into taking your Hag.

Might over Magic

As the Barbarian, successfully protect yourself from psychic combat.

Filthy Rich

Win the game with the Merchants' Guild ending.

Creature of Theseus

As the Mutant, successfully mutate 3 turns in a row.

The Unsullied

As the Magus, use 3 indoctrinated followers in a single psychic combat.

What Was That Thing?

Defeat a Polymorph or Changeling.

Tortoise and Hare

Have Terrance and Hopper.

Whose Idea Was This Anyway!

Finish the game with the Challenge for the Crown alternate ending.

Master Assassin

Win the game with the Assassins' Guild ending.

This Round’s on Me

As the Tavern Maid, pour a drink to more than one character on the same space.

Running on Empty

As the Ascendant Divine, exhaust all of your Divine Gifts.

Judged Worthy

Encounter Judgement Day and win the game through being judged worthy.

A Dip in the Pool

Win the game with the Sacred Pool ending.

Baffling Basalt

Gain 3 or more Spells from the Riddle Stone.


As the Jin Blooded, bind a Spell and use it against the original caster.

Light Bearers

Win the game with the Lightbearers ending.

Royalty in Ruins

Defeat the Rat Queen and Wraith Lord in the same game.


As the Jester, successfully confuse a creature with Strength or Craft 7 or more.

Hot Potato

Pass on the Crown of Flame to another character.


Win the game with A Hero Rises ending.

Braving the Gauntlet

Successfully navigate the Gauntlet.

The Nether Hunter

Win the game with The Hunt ending.

You and whose army?

Defeat the Skeleton King with 3 or more trophies.

I Know What Makes Him Tick

As the Tinkerer, defeat a Construct and take it as a trophy.

Shared Glory

With the Judgement Day ending, have two or more players win the game.

Unlimited Power

Using the Eternal Crown ending, win the game whilst stood on the the Crown of Command.

Into the Void

Meet with a terrible fate.

Silver Bullet

Win the game by defeating the Blood Moon Werewolf.


Win the game with the Spreading Flames ending.

Mr Pointy

As the Vampire Hunter, find the Wooden Stake.

Max Gains

As the Ancient Oak, have 5 Growth tokens on your character card.

Gone Slaying

When playing with the Dragon Slayers ending, take 5 or more scales from Draconic Lords.


Give all your gold to one of your allies.

In Another Tower

When playing with the Challenge for the Crown ending, be the first to step foot in the Dragon Tower after reaching the Crown of Command.

Sprint Finish

Win the game with the War of Seasons ending in play by being the first to defeat Oberon or Titania.

The Pack

Win the game as a lycanthrope with the Blood Moon Werewolf ending.


When playing with the Dragon King ending, remove the last life off the Dragon King.

Wish Stealer

As the Illusionist, get a wish from a stranger by successfully obscuring your alignment.


As the Shaman, take all 3 animal forms in a single game.

Wonderful Wares

Using the Lands of Wonder ending, make two successful rolls in one turn.

New Recruit

As the Saracen, recruit a follower.


Survive the contents of Pandora's Box and win the game.

High Profile Prisoner

As the Bounty Hunter, gain 6 gold from a character bounty.

Don't You Die on Me!

As the Cleric, save a follower from death.

From the Shadows

As the Spy, shadow a character in order to encounter another.

Mine is Bigger

As the Fire Wizard, destroy a Dragon that has a breath attack with your fireblast.

Goodnight Mr Goblin

As the Goblin Shaman, use a spellbound Goblin to prevent the loss of a life.

Chaotic Neutral

Have both the Profane and Holy Relics

Fighting Wrath with Wrath

Use a Wrathborn Wand to defeat a Wrathborn Cultist.

Duplicitous Defector

Lose the Jinx to the Turncoat card.

Dark Betrayal

As the Dread Knight, defeat the Fel Steed.

Show Off

Win the game with the Sacred Pool ending with 8 Quest Rewards.

Life Consuming

As the Possessed, amass 10 lives.

Potent Potables

Drink five potions in the same turn.


Win the game as a lycanthrope with the Lightbearers ending.

Divine Will

As the Celestial, defeat an evil character in psychic combat and remove their fate.

Pass the Parcel

Using the One Talisman ending, have the One Talisman change hands over 10 times in one game.

Spell Siphoner

As the Arcane Scion, gain 5 Spells as a result of other characters gaining Craft in one game.

Never Too Prepared

Have both the Trapsmith and the Skeleton Key in your inventory.

Laid to Rest

Use the Wooden Stake against the Vampire Prince.

Home Sweet Home

As the Minotaur, successfully navigate the Maze.

The World Is My Backyard

As the Nomad, encounter the same space as last turn after a Terrain card has been placed on it.

Silver Hand

As the Dragon Rider with a captured Dragon, take the Dragon Eggs to the Warlock's Cave and trade them for a Talisman.

Win by attrition

With the Judged by Fate ending in play, be the last character still alive with no fate remaining.

Cult Leader

As the Dragon Priestess, have a cultist from each Dragon deck as followers at the same time.

Vicious Plays

Use Misfortune on a player rolling for Vindication.

Playing with Portals

As the Leywalker, travel by Portal tokens on 3 consecutive turns.

Free Ride

Use the Spiteful Imp to teleport to the Crown of Command.

Friends on the Other Side

As the Witch Doctor, successfully curse another Witch Doctor.

Totem Mastery

As the Totem Warrior, take a Totem Spirit token from a Totem Bear.

Cull the Competition

In the Night of the Dancing Skulls ending kill another player as a result of combat as a Ghost.


Deliver the Fallen Talisman to the King of the Dead during the White Crown ending.

Blighted Blade of the Old World

As the Black Knight, encounter the Black Knight at the Castle and force another character to lose a life.

Type Advantage

As the Specialist, complete all of your Catalogue tokens.

Rescued Rusty Blade

As the Scavenger, use your scavenging ability to take the Cataclysm Blade.

True Grit

As the Trophy Hunter, take down one of the Ancient Beasts.

The Lofty Languishing Lord

When playing with the Domain of Dragons ending, defeat the Exalted Dragon on the Dragon Tower.

I win twice ... right?

When playing with the Armageddon Crown, finish the game on the Crown of Command whilst holding the Apocrypha.

Creepy Crawlies

As the Spider Queen have all of your Spider tokens Crawler side up.


Visit every region and win the game with the Wanderlust ending in play having collected at least one Destiny, Relic and Treasure Card.

Spectre Collector Spectre

As the Spectre Collector, collect the Spectre.

Bountiful Hunt

As the Dragon Hunter, trade in a trophy from each Dragon deck at the same time.

Fairy Tale Hero

As the Woodsman, defeat a Wolf in the Woods.

Plan of Escape

As the Scout, have all your Hidden Path tokens on Place cards.

Conquest through Cooperation

Share victory with your companions when using the Awakening ending.

Double Dragon Duel

Defeat two Dragons with two Holy Lances at the same time.

Way of the Dragon

Win the game by collecting soul fragments with the Glaive of Kallind.

Go Back to Sleep

Use the Dream Singer to place a Sleep Token on the Slumbering Dragon.

Ninja Terminator

As the Samurai, defeat a Ninja in combat and take their Golden Statue.

Clean Sweep

With the End of Days ending in play, win the game without any Heralds or Horsemen on the board.

Master of the Hunt

Win the game using The Greatest Hunter ending

Corralling the Cultists

Using the Cult of the Damned ending, successfully defeat the Denizen horde.

Curse Converters

As the Artificer, absorb the powers of a Cursed Object.

Demolition Expert

Win the game by defeating the most Constructs whilst using the Runic Revolution ending.

Sic and Destroy

Have the Clockwork Dog aid you in battle.

Regular Maintenance

As the Engineer, use your skills to enhance 5 Inventions in a single game.

Con Heir

As the Swindler, use your cunning to swindle the Thief.

Competitive Claire

As the Clairvoyant, move the Medium to the bottom of the deck.

Clockwork Capitalist

Defeat your competition whilst using the Era of Invention ending.

Travelling Companions

As the Pathfinder, locate the barbarian and the ranger in one game.


As the Archon, kill 3 characters at once using your overload ability.