Z achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Build a Grunt Unit

Built a Grunt, grab those grenades

Grab 10

10 Territories have been captured

Build a Jeep

Jeep are fast moving but easy to kill

Battleground Perfection

Completed a battle without any losses

Build a Light Tank

Light Tanks are fast and deadly. Avoid big guns

Build a Psycho Unit

Build a Psycho, good fighters capable of rapid firing

Build and place a Gattling

Gattling gun use this against infantry

Desert Storm

Desert World conquered

Build a Tough Unit

Build a Tough and launch a deadly rocket attack

Build a Sniper Unit

Build a Sniper, runs fast and shoots from a long range

Build a Medium Tank.

Medium Tanks are great all purpose vehicle

Hot Rocks

Volcanic World conquered

Build a Gun

Gun Turret: Defence against light armour

Grab 100

100 Territories captured

Build a Pyro Unit

Pyros burn and burn some more

Ice Warrior

Arctic World conquered

Build a Laser unit

Lasers can cut through anything

Build a Heavy Tank

Heavy Tanks are slow but very powerful

Build a Howitzer

Howitzer: Strong defence against all attackers

Build an A.P.C.

A.P.C. is a deadly Troop Transport

Monkey Madness

Jungle World conquered

Metropolitan Major

City World conquered

Win all levels.

Single player game completed

Build a Multi-Missile Carrier

Mobile Missile, why fire one when you can fire three?

Build a Double Missile Launcher

Double Missile Launchers are an awesome defence against everything.