Trouble In The Manor achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Survive a round with 100% health

First Strike

Kill your first player


Play the piano

The Vampire Within

Become a Vampire

Secret Chime

Play the Manor's secret chime


See what the dead say using a seance device

Metal Detector

Find over 300 items

Innocent Player

Win over 50 rounds as an innocent

Vampire Slayer

Kill 5 Vampires

Match Maker

Link a victim to a murderer with DNA

Innocent Slayer

Kill 40 Innocents as a Murderer

Biggest Loser

Die over 100 times

Bloodhound Slayer

Kill 15 Bloodhounds as a Murderer

Murder God

Win over 25 rounds as a murderer


Flame over 50 players

Chemical Expert

Kill over 25 players using poison traps


Get DNA off of 50 bodies

Killing Spree

Kill over 400 players in total


Kill over 250 players with a gun

Stab Artist

Stab over 150 players to death

Vampire God

Steal the souls of 100 victims