Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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Doc's Legacy

Got Doc's Notebook back from Biff.

Back In Time

Traveled back in time to rescue Doc.

Deja Marty

Perfectly repeated dialog while repeating Doc's temporal experiment.

Hello, Young Friend

Talked Emmett into completing the Rocket Drill.

Hi Bob!

Namechecked "Back to the Future" creators.

Junior Bootlegger Badge

Managed to get 190-proof alcohol delivered to Emmett's.

Grandpa Got Served

Delivered the subpoeana to Arthur McFly.


Acquired Emmett's Rocket Drill.

Fate In Flux

Heard about the curious fate of Marshall Strickland.

A Bicycle Built for Two

Rescued Doc from Kid Tannen.

Art Lover

Tracked down a missing accountant.

Police Blotter

Dried a cop out.

Moll Mender

Got a gangster's girl to do the right thing.

Hope You're Insured

Used the DeLorean parts to enter Hill Valley.

Tuned Out

Enjoyed a full set from Hill Valley's leading songstress.

Kid Restraint

Defeated Kid Tannen.

A Plausible Explanation

Discovered the origin of the "new" DeLorean.

Door Prize

Broke the password code without cheating.


Got caught with Lorraine's booze.

All Good Dogs Go To Utah

Got caught with Einstein.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Got caught making out with Jennifer.

The Power of Love?

Escaped from Marty's cell.

Free Citizen Brown!

Rescued Citizen Brown from the Citizen Plus program.

Into the Garbage Chute, McFly-boy

Jumped into the Decycling Bin.

Final Solution

Layout Biff and escape the speakeasy.


Got a full explanation of your situation.

Like a Not-So-Fine Wine

Messed with Emmett's cleanser.

The Other Woman

Got Trixie ready to make Edna jealous.

A Not-So-Beautiful Mind

Crafted a mind map of Emmett that reveals him to be a "Degenerate Criminal."

Emmett Finds His Muse

Emmett completes his spectacular failure at the Expo.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Broke up Emmett and Edna.

Your Own Personal Frankenstein

Gave Emmett his Epiphany.

To the Expo!

Marty and Emmett head to the Expo.

Crackpot Mended

Restored Edna's memory.

Raising the Bar

Prevented the Great Hill Valley Fire.

The Future isn't Written

Returned home.

A Minimum of Panic

Rescued Arthur with minimal fuss.

Edna Was Right!

Revealed the Hill Valley hooliganism rate.

Marty and the Pinheads

Use the spray can to paint Marty's band name in the alley.

An Uncomfortable Truth

Emmett is prophetically honest about his marriage prospects.


Found "Chuckles Lenart".

Full Fair

Got your money's worth at the Expo.

Ruin it for Everyone

Coax Edna out of the courthouse with the buzzer.

Timely Traveller

Took the fewest possible trips to Emmett's lab.

There's a Moose?

Got a good look at Trixie's postcard.

Escape Artist

Find a hidden passageway.

False Impressions

Impersonated three people over the phone.

Hill Valley Tourist

Listened to all tourist audio guides in Hill Valley.

Tannen Tamer

Defeated the Tannen Brothers in six jumps.

No Backups

Completed the glass house maze without going back up the stairs.

Fuel Master

Flawlessly mixed up a batch of Emmett's Rocket Fuel.

Let Them Eat, Um, Cake

Offered algae cakes to everyone.

Hidden Treasure

Examined every container of contraband in the speakeasy.

Green Gobblin'

Treated Desert Edna to an algae cake.


Busted a move, 80's style.


Solved the saloon puzzle with no more than two trips to the second floor.

One Bad Apple

Collected every Demerit in the game.

Get it on Tape

Recorded everyone at the Expo.

A Prickly Pair

Had a conversation with a cactus.