Craft Keep VR achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Virtual Drunkality

It's a start

Make your first potion

Chapter 1

You were thrown out by the Shop keeper

Hot metal

Smelted some metal

Full VR Experience

Chapter 2

Moira thanks you

Good hit

Popping molds all day long

Job done

Customers are happy

It's an investment

Invested a round amount of gold into your craft

Gold Digger

Achieved great amounts of gold!

Chapter 3

Explosive force

Chapter 4

Annoyed Dragon


No blades left broken!

Chapter 5

Shiny stuff for a bird

Joining bad guys

Chapter 6

Dead should be left dead

Potion Master

They want your strongest potions

Listen to the prayers

Chapter 7

Blood God is not the goal

Blue high

First lemme take a selfie