Onigiri achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Lady Shizuka's Friend

Became friends with Lady Shizuka!

Level 10!

Reached level 10!

Yoshitsune's Friend

Became friends with Yoshitsune!

Miroku's Friend

Became friends with Miroku!

Ibaraki Douji's Friend

Became friends with Ibaraki Douji!

Momotarou's Friend

Became friends with Momotarou!

Novice Blacksmith

Successfully crafted a weapon.

Ghost Buster

Defeated 1000 Youkai.

Kaguya's Friend

Became friends with Kaguya!

Novice Magatama Idol

Successfully ornamented a Magatama.


Cleared a total of 50 Main Scenario quests and Subquests.

Susanoo's Friend

Became friends with Susanoo!

Level 50!

Reached level 50!

Amaterasu's Friend

Became friends with Amaterasu!

Legendary Oni

Cleared a total of 200 Main Scenario quests and Subquests.

Maze Conqueror

Cleared 100 dungeons with SS rank.

Impregnable Fortress

Blocked 1000 enemy attacks.

New Magatama Idol

Successfully ornamented 10 Magatama.

The Living Dead

Fell in battle 1000 times.


Received 100 Great Success repairs.

Trained Blacksmith

Successfully crafted 10 weapons.

Level 100!

Reached level 100!

Close Friends - Yoshitsune

Reached affection level 20 with Yoshitsune!

Close Friends - Momotarou

Reached affection level 20 with Momotarou!

Close Friends - Lady Shizuka

Reached affection level 20 with Lady Shizuka!

Maze Challenger

Cleared 1000 dungeons.

Weapon Master

Enhanced a weapon's level to 100.

Close Friends - Miroku

Reached affection level 20 with Miroku!

Rising Magatama Star

Successfully ornamented 50 Magatama.

Close Friends - Kaguya

Reached affection level 20 with Kaguya!

Weapon Breaker

Received 100 bad repairs.

Close Friends - Amaterasu

Reached affection level 20 with Amaterasu!

Maze Expert

Cleared 100 dungeons on HELL rank.

Close Friends - Ibaraki Douji

Reached affection level 20 with Ibaraki Douji!

Professional Smelter

Successfully enhanced weapons 100 times.

Professional Decorator

Successfully ornamented Magatama 100 times.

Top Magatama Idol

Successfully ornamented 100 Magatama.

Professional Blacksmith

Successfully crafted 50 weapons.

Master Blacksmith

Successfully crafted 100 weapons.

Close Friends - Susanoo

Reached affection level 20 with Susanoo!

Legendary Magatama Idol

Successfully ornamented 1000 Magatama.

Legendary Blacksmith

Successfully crafted 1000 weapons.