Charlie's Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Star collector

Collect a total of 10 stars.

Zombie Hunter

Kill 10 Zombies.

Learning to Dash

Dash trough zombie 10 times.

Learning to Ground Slam

Slam the ground and hit a zombie 10 times.

Master the Stone

Get 10 zombies to be squished by the Stone Trap.

One step into the adventure!

Finish first level.

Star master

Collect a total of 100 stars.

Zombies are stupid

Make the zombie that charges you hit a wall.

Star hunter

Collect all stars on any level.

Zombie Crusher

Kill 75 Zombies.

Heal me instead

Get the medic zombie to heal you for 100 total health.


Hit the crazy zombie with the bombs with a bullet.

Dash Master

Dash trough zombie 100 times.

Ground Slam Master

Slam the ground and hit a zombie 100 times.

Star guardian

Collect a total of 500 stars.

Who is the Prey now?

Kill 200 Zombies.

Master the Fire

Get 10 zombies killed by the fire.

Master the Axe

Get 10 zombies to die by an Axe.

You saved the world!

Finish the game on any difficulty.

Master the Saw

Get 10 zombies killed by the Saw Trap.

You are Amazing

Complete all levels with 3 medals.

Master the Cannon

Get 10 zombies to die by a Cannon.

You saved a cruel world!

Finish the game on medium difficulty.

Master the Arrow

Get 10 zombies killed by the Arrow Machine.

You did the Unimaginable!!!

Finish the game on hard difficulty.