Hypership Out of Control achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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All She's Got

Max Speed Attained

The Bigger They Are

Destroy Giant Asteroid

Pack Rat

Hold three bombs at once

What Nice Coins

Collect 1000 Coins

The Points Will Flow

Get 5x Score Multiplier

Points Aren't Money

Score 150,000 Points

Space Mine Sweeper

Destroy 15 Space Mines

The Better To Spend

Collect 2000 Coins

Space Bee Death

Kill some space bees

Gotta Catch Some of Them

Collect 10 Green Coins

Coins keep Ticking Away

Reach 200 Coins In Coin Down

Man of Peace

Complete a Wave without firing

Not Bad, Do It Again

Complete All Normal Waves

Sloths Are Fun

Find and capture the fun Sloth

Quick as a Fox

Reach 1200 Speed

Math Wiz You Is

Complete All Coin Down Waves

Twice As Nice

Complete All Waves Twice

Quick as a Super Fox

Reach 1500 Speed

Ace of Space

Complete All Hardcore Waves