Realm Grinder achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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A Thousand Coins


Gain 1.000 Coins in a single game.

A Clicking Start

Click 100 times in a single game.

50 Faction Coins

Find 50 Faction Coins in a single game.

Village Grinder

Build 100 buildings in a single game.

Mana Fountain

Produce 10.000 mana in a single game.

1 Gem

Gain 1 Gem.

Automatic Casting

Unlock the Automatic Casting upgrade.

Archeology Expedition

Spell Prodigy

Cast 500 spells in a single game.

10 Artifacts

Find 10 Artifacts.


Reincarnate once.

Oath of the Mercenaries

Assistant Horde

Have 500 Assistants.

Dragon Tamer