Adventure Pop achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Popped 100 bubbles in Adventure Mode

Pop! Pop!

Popped 1000 bubbles in Adventure Mode

Ready to take on some pirates!

Completed all the Tutorial Levels

A dish best served cold

Defeated the Chimera Captain

Rat exterminator

Defeated the Chimera Captain Again!

Join the resistance

Defeated the Pirate King

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Popped 10000 bubbles in Adventure Mode

Making Friends

Collected 80 Stars

Not so eternal after all

Defeated the Mummy in Adventure Mode

Perfect World 1

Got 3 stars in all World 1 levels

Deadliessssst no more

Defeated the Witch in Adventure Mode

Another one joins the crew

Collected 160 Stars


Defeated the Golem in Adventure Mode

Perfect World 2

Got 3 stars in all World 2 levels

The strength of 10,000 spheres

Defeated the Pirate King Again!

We're gonna need a bigger ship

Collected 240 Stars

Perfect World 3

Got 3 stars in all World 3 levels