Mini Ghost achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Card 2

Obtain card 2

Boss rush

Destroy a boss in less than 40 seconds

Night vision

Find night vision goggles

Card 3

Obtain card 3

Card 4

Obtain card 4


Find secret room

Full hp

All hp bar unlocked


Buy everything available

Beat it

Beat the game


All items in inventory

Boss extra 2

Destroy boss zone 2 with a laser


Beat the game without dying.

Perfect 2

Kill boss zone 2 receiving no damage from it

Boss extra 1

Destroy boss zone 1 with a rocket

Perfect 1

Kill boss zone 1 receiving no damage from it

Boss extra 3

Destroy boss zone 3 with a mine

Perfect 3

Kill boss zone 3 receiving no damage from it

Item rush

Pick up any item in less than 16 seconds


Change a friend's character while he/she is playing


Reach boss zone 1 without killing any monster or being damaged by them. Game can't be saved.

Twitch Friends

Find all Twitch Friends

Extra out

Beat the game without using secondary weapons


Beat the game without dying or being assisted by doctors. Game can't be saved.


Beat the game in less than 45 minutes