Card Dungeon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Grunt Slayer

Kill 10 low level grunts

Shark bait


All journeys start with a single step

Treasure Hunter

Open 50 treasure chests

Floor is made of lava

Murder 25 creatures using lava


Teleport yourself 25 times

Turtle Soup

Make soup out of 10 turtles


Find and wear the sombrero


Visit 5 shopkeepers and buy, buy, buy!


Unlock all the trait cards

Boss Slayer

Make all the boss monsters dead

Dragon's Demise

Dispatch all three dragons and win the game

Hear Us, Lords

Number of prayers sent to the Lords by all players


You have become death.


Number of creatures killed by all players

Send in the Clones

Number of Crusaders created by all players

Share the wealth

Amount of gold collected by all players