Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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In Pursuit of Loath Nolder

Discover that Loath Nolder escaped from hospital last night.

Something's not right

Discover that the answering machine has no new messages, despite Arthur urging you to check.

The onlooker sees all

Discover what has been altered in Loath Nolder's office.

Field Agent

Find Clark Field's address.

Descent into Darkness

Find a way to examine the well in the Clark Field's mansion.

Dread Me

Find the Christopher T. Dreaden hidden thought.

Open and Shut Case

Solve the locked case puzzle in the library of Clark Field's mansion.

Calender Boy

Solve the scheduler puzzle.

Like clockwork

Solve the cogwheel puzzle in the second nightmare.

Sleeping sickness

Discover that you slept for 2 days.


Persuade the Strange Man that you are the one he thinks you are.


Solve the didgeridoo puzzle in the mushroom cult cave.

Friend or foe?

Speak with the person who introduces himself as Loath Nolder.

Man of Letters

Find out a new major lead using the clues that is in the letters in ivar's cabin.

Map it Out

Solve the map machine puzzle.

Not standing still

Solve the statue puzzle in Clark Field's library.

Lord of the Rings

Solve the ring puzzle in the wall of sleep nightmare.


Discover the location of M.r. Braunbell's Mansion.

Open Sesame

Sovle the puzzle on the sealed underneath the Braunbell's Mansion.

Tomb Finder

Find the old cemetery in Windlapse.

Family business

Take the medallion with the symbol of Howard's family

Hidden message

Hear some strange noises on your answering machine.

Line them Up

Solve the 5 disc puzzle in the William Poer's crypt.

Shattered Psyche

Find a hint in the first nightmare regarding your dual personality.

In memory of H.P. Lovecraft

Dates that Lovecraft himself probably wouldn't have put in an organizer, will reveal something.


Click 5 times on an animal that Edgar Allen Poe wrote a poem about, to reveal it.

Sometimes time flies backwards

Knock knock, look at the clock.

Trust No-One

Discover whether the police are involved with the cult.


Find the true intention of your friend Arthur.

Poor Braunbell

Find out what has happened to Mr. Braunbell.