A Game of Dwarves achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Strike The Earth!

Complete the tutorial level.

Prosperous Settlement

Make your settlement truly happy.

Leading The Vanguard

Step into enemy land.

A new toy

Find an upgrade for your prince.

Just Walked Through The Haunted Pass

Complete The Northern Pass.


Collect all the resources in the game.

Striking The First Blow

Explore the Mage Base

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Complete the tunnel level.

Gather the axes

Train over 15 warriors on a single level.

Settle Things With The Elves

Explore the elven settlement.

What Dwarves do best

Train over 15 digger on a single level.

Ruin The Elves

Explore the elven ruins.

Give Them A T&T

Destroy the communication center

Border Control

Complete the level the northern border.

Testing The Test Site

Complete the test site level.

Look at my swagger

Find all treasures in the game

A Cat With A Comb

Explore the catacombs.

Science Is Magic

Defeat The Yellow Mage


Reach the last influence tech on the production branch.

Pest Exterminator

Complete the infested mountain level.

Reclaim The Land

Destroy Magicus!

World Domination

Complete every level.

Lore Keeper

Train over 15 researchers on a single level

True Warlord

Reach the last influence tech on the warrior branch.


Reach the last influence tech on the researcher branch.

Diggy Diggy Hole

Dig 100 000 earth blocks in custom or campaign mode.

The True Heir

Reach maximum influence

Death on the Battlefield

Kill 10 000 enemies in custom or campaign mode.

The Biggest Beard

Collect all other Achievements