Blowy Fish achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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I believe I can fly

Cover 250 meters with a single jump.

No problem

Complete 2 levels in a row.

The floor is lava

Perform 3 jumps between seaweed bushes without touching the ground.


Complete a level in 4 jumps or less.

Penny pincher

Collect 10 starfish without dying.


Get carried by a current for 5 seconds.


Survive a sea mine explosion.

It is a start

Achieve a highscore of 1000 in endless mode.

Seashell Confusion

Get spit out by a seashell and land in another seashell.

Painful win

Get shocked 3 times while winning an item in the prize pit.

Crate smasher

Destroy 50 crates.

Inflatus maximus

Inflate the blowfish to the max.

Fashion addict

Unlock (Win) 10 different fish items.

Agent provocateur

Make the same ramfish ram you for 5 times.

So close

Die with only 25 meters left to the finish line.

Pearl collector

Collect 10 pearls.

Mine Whisperer

Make a sea mine go "beep beep" for over 5 seconds without an explosion.

Savin' it for later

Collect and hold 500 starfish.

Follow me!

Get chased by a piranha for over 20 seconds.

Electric boogaloo

Get shocked 50 times.

A shocking end

Finish a level whilst being electrocuted.

Fooled you!

Lure a raging ramfish into a seashell.

Feeling it

Achieve a highscore of 2500 in endless mode.


Achieve a highscore of 5000 in endless mode.