NeverEnd achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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First death

First Blood

Kill your first enemy

Sonic Hat

Die in the first 10 seconds


Buy your first item

Cardboard Box

Walk into a room with 6 Zomborgs


Finish the first quest

Wizard Hat

Find one elemental sword

MiniBoss Slayer

Kill your first mini boss


Buy a Bow and a Rod in one run


Walk through 100 rooms in one run


Finish the second quest

(Secret Achievement)

(Secret Achievement)

Top Hat

Get 20c in one run without the Rod

MiniBoss Slayer 2

Kill every mini boss in one run

Boss Hat

Kill the final Boss

Top 1%

Complete the game with the stick


Buy all items

Ranger Hat

Kill 50 enemies with the bow

Regualr Costumer

Collect all hats

Boss Slayer

Beat the game