Derpy Dinos achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Meat Sack Murderer

Collide two sacks of meat together

Quick Draw

Shoot 15 dinos in less than 15 seconds

Volcano Tamer

Catch a volcano rock


Do no harm for 30 seconds


Get hit 60 times in one round


Hit yourself with a meatsack 10 times

Villager Violator I

Kill 500 villagers

Dino Destroyer I

Kill 600 dinos


Complete a wave > 5 in < 5 seconds

Wrappy Alley-oop

Catch something around the world

Hot Potato

Throw and catch the same volcano rock twice


Earn 30,000 points in the first 30 seconds

High Scorer

Reach the top of the local high score list

Villager Violator II

Kill 1,500 villagers

Wave Rider

Reach wave 11

Life Juggler

Throw and catch the same stack of 5 villagers together

Point Fiend

Earn a point bonus of 20,000

Rock Star

Smash 50 meat sacks with the same volcano rock

Slow Mobius

Slow time 60 times


Travel around the island 300 times

Dino Destroyer II

Kill 2,000 dinos


Restore ship health 30 times

Collision Connoisseur

Collide every item combination

Dino Destroyer III

Kill 5,000 dinos

Villager Violator III

Kill 4,000 villagers

Score Master

Score 200,000 10 times