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No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Explosive Exit

Die from Area Damage

Suddenly Skewered

Die by taking damage from a Spike Trap

The Undeath of Khamun

Kill The Boss of the Crypts

As Luck Would Have It... - Gold

Destroy 800 Props With One Hero

Icy Tomb

Die while Frozen

Besting the Beast of Orox

Kill The Boss of the Caves

Precision Strike

Kill 500 Monsters with Magic Arrow or Sniper Shot - Elf

Morak Defeated

Kill The Boss of the Temple

Seriously Severed

Die by taking damage from a Blade Trap

Furious Charge

Tackle 500 Monsters using Rush - Warrior

We need to go Deeper - Bronze

Survive until Floor 10 in Endless Mode

Eye for an Eye

Block 100 projectiles with Shield Block - Valkyrie

Heroic Hunger - Gold

Eat food equal to 6000 health in total With One Hero

Dying for a Living - Gold

Die 100 Times With One Hero

Deader than Dead - Gold

Die 8 Times in one session on a single Floor

Embracing the End

Die by taking Area Damage from an Explosive Barrel that you are Carrying

Crypt Kicker - Gold

Complete all Crypt Levels on Hard

Heir of Valhalla - Gold

Take 12000 Cumulative Damage as the Valkyrie

Hardened Champion - Gold

Take 15000 Cumulative Damage as the Warrior

Vampiric Touch

Ghostwalk through 500 enemies - Necromancer

Cave Crusher - Gold

Complete all Caves Levels on Hard

Formidable Fortune - Gold

Destroy 5000 Props With One Hero

Mysteries of the Elf-folk - Gold

Take 10000 Cumulative Damage as the Elf

Dropper of Crowns - Gold

Drop the Crown 200 Times With One Hero

Soul Reaper - Gold

Summon 1200 Undead Minions - Necromancer

We need to go Deeper - Silver

Survive until Floor 25 in Endless Mode

Accomplished Master - Gold

Take 10000 Cumulative Damage as the Wizard

Flamewalker - Gold

Kill 8000 Monsters with Fire Spells

Temple Toppler - Gold

Complete all Lava Levels on Hard

Stormcaller - Gold

Kill 8000 Monsters with Lightning Spells

Mummy Slayer - Gold

Kill 15000 Mummies With One Hero

Slayer - Gold

Kill 50000 Monsters With One Hero

Curse of the Undying - Gold

Take 10000 Cumulative Damage as the Necromancer

Bombardier - Gold

Kill 12000 Monsters with Elf Weapon Abilities

Whirling Death - Gold

Kill 12000 Monsters with Warrior Weapon Abilities

The Captain's Special - Gold

Kill 12000 Monsters with Valkyrie Weapon Abilities

Lich Slayer - Gold

Kill 50 Liches With One Hero

Spider Queen Slayer - Gold

Kill 50 Spider Queens With One Hero

Skeleton Slayer - Gold

Kill 15000 Skeletons With One Hero

Eating off the Floor - Gold

Destroy the Food 500 Times With One Hero

Frostweaver - Gold

Kill 8000 Monsters while they are Frozen or Chilled

We need to go Deeper - Gold

Survive until Floor 50 in Endless Mode

Cultist Slayer - Gold

Kill 15000 Cultists With One Hero

Grunt Slayer - Gold

Kill 15000 Grunts With One Hero

Demon Slayer - Gold

Kill 15000 Demons With One Hero

Orc Slayer - Gold

Kill 15000 Orcs With One Hero