Autobahn Police Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Drive 5 km

Seen All

Drive 40 km

Sir Drive-A-Lot

Drive 100 km

First Perfect Accident

Complete an accident mission perfectly

Perfect Dayshift

Succed a perfect dayshift

First Rank

Traffic Control (Automobile)

Complete a traffic control for an automobile perfectly

Refuse Collector

Complete a mission to remove objects from highway perfectly

Long-Distance Driver

Drive 500 km

Born To Drive

Drive 1000 km

Traffic Control (Truck)

Complete a traffic control for a truck perfectly

No Escape for Suspect

Take down a suspect

Speed Maniac

Drive at 200 km/h without an accident for more than 10 seconds

Knight in shining Armor

Complete a big accident mission perfectly


Take down a suspect in less than 30 seconds

Perfect Nightshift

Succed a perfect nightshift


Tax Collector

Collect 100000 monetary fees

Middle Rank

Achieve 5. rank

Radio Operator

Use radio 100 times correctly.

Disaster on 4 wheels

Highest Rank

Achieve 9. rank


Complete 50 shifts

Fight Club


Reach shift number 100

Bad Cop