Bleed 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Story Clear

Clear Story Mode on any difficulty.

Story Clear: Normal

Clear Story Mode on Normal (or higher.)

Story Clear: Hard

Clear Story Mode on Hard (or higher.)

Story Clear: Very Hard

Clear Story Mode on Very Hard.

Challenge Mode Amateur

Defeat a boss in Challenge Mode.

Challenge Mode Champ

Defeat three bosses at once in Challenge Mode.

S-Rank: Level 1

Clear Level 1 with a final rank of S.

S-Rank: Level 2

Clear Level 2 with a final rank of S.

S-Rank: Level 6

Clear Level 6 with a final rank of S.

S-Rank: Level 3

Clear Level 3 with a final rank of S.

S-Rank: Level 4

Clear Level 4 with a final rank of S.

Endless Clear

Clear Endless Mode on any difficulty.

Finally a Hero

Who's Laughing Now?

Lurking Offscreen

Find a hidden health pickup in Arcade Mode.

The Greatest Villain of All Time

Arcade Clear

Clear Arcade Mode on any difficulty.

S-Rank: Level 7

Troubled Young Lady

SSS-Rank: Level 2

S-Rank: Level 5

Clear Level 5 with a final rank of S.

Arcade Clear: Normal

SSS-Rank: Level 1

SSS-Rank: Level 6


SSS-Rank: Level 4

SSS-Rank: Level 3

Endless Hat Trick

Clear Endless Mode three times in a row on any difficulty.

SSS-Rank: Level 7

SSS-Rank: Level 5

Arcade Clear: Hard

Arcade Hero

Arcade Clear: Very Hard