Endless Legend achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 139 unknown)

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Toe in the Water

Play for 10 turns, across any number of playthroughs.

Boot Camp

Finish the basics of tutorial.

Real Estate Mogul

Build 100 improvements in your entire Empire in one game.

Urban Sprawl

Have 3 city tiles at level 2 in one of your cities.


Have 5 active luxury boosters at the same time.


Explore 1 000 tiles before the 50th turn.

Press the Flesh

Play a game in multiplayer with at least one another human.

What's Mined is Mine

Exploit each kind of strategic resource in one game.

Cruise Control

Win a game in Newbie or higher difficulty against AI.

Making Friends

Assimilate 3 minor factions.

Labs and Fabs

Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Science.

Cash Cow

Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Dust.

Heroic Patience

All Roads Lead to Me

Get 20 trade routes or more starting from, crossing or reaching your empire.

Asleep at the Wheel

Win a game in Easy or higher difficulty against AI.

Endless Leveling

Level up a hero to level 15.

Just Warming Up

Win a game in Normal or higher difficulty against AI.

Massively Mass Production

Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Industry.

Cities Builder

Have two cities in less than 15 turns.


Have one city which produces more than 1 000 Food.


Finish the last chapter of a faction quest.

A Byte of Barons

Have 8 heroes in one game.

Corridors of Power

Have one city which produces more than 500 Influence.

The Not So Broken Lords

With the Broken Lords, have a district producing more than 10 Dust.

Mwa ha ha ha haaa!

Win a Supremacy Victory.

The Bigger They are...

Kill a Guardian.


Contribute to a completed Co-operative Quest.

Maxed Out

Activate all the 4th levels in the Empire Plan.

Just in Case

Have 100 of each strategic resource.

Cultured Pearl

Collect 1 Pearl Cluster with a value of at least 20.

I Am the Eternal End

Win an Elimination Victory.

Guinea Pig

Use a booster of each luxury resource, across any number of playthroughs.

Me and Croesus

Gain 1 000 000 of Dust, across any number of playthroughs.

So Outta Here

Win with the Vaulters.

It Came from the Depths

Attack an army containing only land units with an army containing only submersible units.

Float Like a Butterfly

With the Wild Walkers, win a battle against at least 4 enemies without taking any damage.

Scourge of Auriga

Kill 1 000 units, across any number of playthroughs.

Endless Day the ruins all across Auriga, and even throughout...

What's Yours is Mine

Capture a city containing a Legendary Building.

Share This!

Win with the Wild Walkers.

Gaze Upon It and Tremble!

Win a Wonder Victory.

Maybe It Does Buy Happiness

Win an Economic Victory.


Have the 5 Legendary Buildings at the same time.

Way Better Than Napoleon

Conquer 5 cities during a single winter.


Win with the Broken Lords.

Squirreling Away

Use a Food, a Science, and an Industry stockpile in one game.

Dungeons & Drakken

As the Drakken, exploit at least 5 ruins at the same time.

Numbers. They Don't Lie.

Win a Score Victory.

The End is Nigh

Win with the Cultists of the Eternal End.

Dice with the Universe

Win a Science Victory.

I <3 Minions

With the Cultists, have 20 converted villages at the same time.


Ambush an enemy army from a fog-bank.


Win with the Drakken.


With the Ardent Mages, have 5 pillars at the same time.

Like Peipus

Start and win a battle on frozen waters.


Win with the Necrophages.

Strove, Sought, Found, Did Not Yield

Win a game in Hard or higher difficulty against AI.

Internal (and External) Revenue Service

With the Roving Clans, get more than 1 000 Dust from the Market Place taxes.

Battlefield Buffet

With the Necrophages, use 10 recycled stockpiles in one game.

Helping Hand

Cheaters Come Out Ahead

With the Forgotten, be the first to reach the 2nd Era.


Win a Quest Victory.

Bigger Is Better

Win an Expansion Victory.

I Did It My Way

Win with a Custom Faction.


Lose one army due to the thaw.

Jeweller's Shop

Unlock all Blessings of the Altar of Auriga in one game.

Sticky Fingers

Get 500 Dust by pillage.

Collect'em All

Have the 5 different Guardians at the same time.

No Pain, no Gain

Win with the Ardent Mages.

Fast Start

Be the faction with the highest score at turn 25 playing on hard or higher difficulty.


Ambush an enemy army from a Dust Blizzard.

The Great Old One


Win with the Roving Clans.

A Total Eclipse Of The Art

Possess an army with all Dust Eclipse map-based buffs active simultaneously.


Win a Diplomatic Victory.

Cage Match

Win a game in multiplayer with at least one another human.

Who, Me?

Attack a friendly army with privateers.

Go back to R'lyeh

String of Pearls

Collect 1 000 Pearls in one game.

Barely Broke a Sweat

Win a game in Serious or higher difficulty against AI.


Finish a game while never breaking an alliance you made at least 100 turns ago.

Black Spot, Clean Hands

As Morgawr, use a Black Spot to prompt the elimination of an empire by a third party.

Maritime Myths

Complete 5 quests for the Fomorians in a single game.

Maritime Monopoly

Control every Fortress in the world.

Deep Mole

Perform 5 infiltration actions without leaving the infiltrated city.

IP Piracy

With the Forgotten, steal 10 researches.


Win a game with the Forgotten.

I Built it my Way

Win a game with generation presets other than default.

Mare Nostrum

As Morgawr, control an ocean which borders 4 or more land regions you control.

Night Rider

Search 12 Temples in a single Dust Eclipse.


Win with the Allayi.

Piece of (True) Cake

Win a game in Impossible or higher difficulty against AI.

Resistance Is Useless

Pacify 500 villages, across any number of playthroughs.

Fighting for Peace

With the Drakken, win a game without having been in war.

Monster Wrangler

Control all 3 Urkans at the same time.

The Grim Wave

Win a game with the Morgawr.


Capture 50 Fomorian-controlled Fortresses across any number of playthroughs.

The Learner Is Now the Master

Win a game in "Endless" difficulty against AI.

United Empires

Win a Shared Victory.

Full Deck

Win a battle using an army containing each type of Fomorian warship.


Pillage 30 buildings, across any number of playthroughs.

Blooming Marvelous

Create 50 Fungal Blooms in a single game.

Here Comes the Cavalry

With the Vaulters, teleport 10 units in a besieged city in one turn.

The Sun Never Sets

As Morgawr, control one region on at least 4 different continents.

By Any Means

Complete your control of an ocean by trading for a Fortress.

Quick Out of the Blocks

Be the faction with the highest score at turn 25 playing on Endless difficulty.

Speed Walker

Move an army 20 tiles in a single turn with the Wild Walkers.

Endless Gamer

Shadow of the Colossi

Have all 3 Urkans affect a single one of your cities at the same time.

Golems Rule!

Achieve victory with the Kapaku.

Facility Completionist

Control each of the unique facilities across any number of playthroughs.

I Came I Slew I Scampered

With a spy, return a governor to his owner's academy without being detected.


Win with the Mykara.

Know Thy Enemy

Madder than Max

Kill a roving city.

Pearl Addiction

Collect 10 000 Pearls, across any number of playthroughs.

A World Of Fire And Ash

Volcanoform 400 tiles over any number of playthroughs.

Acquisitive Traveler

Extract 100 strategic or luxury resources in another empire, across any number of playthroughs.

Peace Talker

Restore the peace with a least 3 empires within a single turn.

Heedful, Deedful

Complete all the Legendary Deeds, across any number of playthroughs.

Geomancer's Delight

Possess a unit with all Geomancy buffs active simultaneously.

Scorched Earth Policy

Volcanoform an enemy city's entire exploited tiles.


Have 100 force-shifted units, across any number of playthroughs.

Homeland Serenity

Capture 10 spies, across any number of playthroughs.

Celebrate Diversity

Fight with an army, reinforcements included, having both Light and Dark forms of each of the Allayi units (Seeker, Skyfin and Monk).

Cold Cuts

Spawn 30 Battle Born using Cadaver stockpiles in a single game.


Spend 1 000 prayers on Winter votes, across any number of playthroughs.


As Morgawr, win the game without ever building or purchasing land units (except for Settler units).


Win 8 battles with armies exclusively composed of minor faction units within a single turn.

Finest Vault Reserves

Teleport 5 or more units to a sieging Vaulter hero.


Sacrifice 8000 total HP using Soul Burn over any number of playthroughs.

Resistance is Futile

Integrate 7 factions in a single game.

Welcome to the Fold

Control 20 Overgrown Cities at the same time.

Share The Pain

Inflict 800 damage with a single unit in a single attack as the Ardent Mages.


Create 1000 Fungal Blooms across any number of playthroughs.

Catch and Release

Take control of an Urkan owned by another faction and set it free (in the same turn).


Kill an enemy hero with a Setseke.

The Exterminator

Kill 1000 Lice units across any number of playthroughs.

Shake your Foundations

Deal 1 000 000 damage with Tremors over any number of playthroughs.