Bouncy Bob achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Crab Killer

This little zombie crab is absolutely harmless, but hey it's a zombie crab, you better kill it!

Double Killer

Get double-kill action.

Multi Killer

Get multi-kill action!

Triple Killer

Get triple-kill action.

Precision Lvl1 Novice

Perform your first "Perfect Aim" action!

First Blood

Technically zombies don't have blood. But whatever, kill one skeleton!

Not Bad

Get 50 points in overall single player mode.

Precision Lvl2 Beginner

Perform your 5th "Perfect Aim" action!


Get 150 points in overall single player mode.

Demolition Expert

Destroy 100 enemies with grenades!

Precision Lv3 Skilled

Perform your 15th "Perfect Aim" action!

Mummy Smasher

Kill 100 mummies!


Get 500 points in overall single player mode.

Vampire Smasher

This is not going to be easy. Kill 100 vampires!

Precision Lvl4 Master

Perform your 50th "Perfect Aim" action!


Get 1000 points in overall single player mode.

I Hate Bats

Hardly an achievement... Get killed 25 times by bats.


Get 5000 points in overall single player mode.