Mu Complex achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Late for work.

Connect to the first computer.

Make me a sandwish.

Connect to computer as administrator

Memory Mapping.

Open the map

Half way.

Hack Daniel's computer

What did I told you about cakes?

Open the first camera

Hello, stranger.

Decipher the message on Richard's computer

Welcome to internet.

Find the TV's name in the newspaper


Open all first episode's cameras

Prison Break.

Complete Mu Complex Episode 1

Rescue Mission

Pass Lya's test


Access the mainframe.

Spam filter.

Open all emails in MC1

tar -xf

Get the first tool


Open a .tar file

ls -A

Get the second tool


See hidden files


Hack Nina's computer

Ghost in the Bash.

Connect on all computers in Mu Complex

gpg -d

Get the third tool

Crypto breaking

Open an encrypted file

Bot Master

Complete all bots puzzles.

Hello, world.

Complete the second episode.


Get all the tools

Blind test

Complete the Dolan's puzzle using bot play only once.

That was close.

Complete Eddy's puzzle less than 10 seconds before the end

Stay focused!

See something you're not supposed to.

Take a deep breath.

Find the password of the hidden file.


Hack Bobby Love's computer in less than 15 seconds


Unlock ALL the first episode's computers.

Massive lurker.

Open all emails and hidden files in MC2


Complete the game without any hints.

Faster than light.

Complete Yacine's puzzle in 5 moves

You've got mail.

Time Lord.


Kanomi code

Special needs.

Use all Lya's hints