Feesh achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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Invasive Species

Eat 100 Feesh. 100 WHOLE FEESH

I hate the red things

Get shrunk back down to starting size


Like just absolutely wreck the entire ecosystem pretty much. Eat 1000 whole feesh


Eat 20 sharks somehow

Vegan Diet

Don't eat, or get eaten by a feesh for 1 minute


Eat 70 entire sharks

Jaws is my favorite movie

Last 3 minutes in Shark Attack mode (that would impress me honestly)

Nah no one's gonna get this achievement

Last 5 minutes in Shark Attack mode O.O

Red Feesh Redemption

Eat 150 red feesh! You'll be super small by the end of it tho

Rolling Stone

Make children Feesh 100 times!

i pretty much am Darwin

Evolve 7 times in one game !!!!

Feesh PhD

Earn your Feesh PhD by playing 35 games!


Other feesh are nearing extinction and are struggling to get by. But you don't care. Cause you just ate 10,000 of them