80 Days achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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The World's Fair

Visited the World's Fair in Paris

Completed Trip

Travelled all the way around the world

80 Days

Completed trip in 80 days or less

20 Cities

Visited at least 20 cities in a single trip

70 Days

Completed trip in 70 days or less

No Banks

Travelled all the way around the world without using a bank

Take That Varmit

Knock out Jesse James

60 Days

Completed trip in 60 days or less

Lightweight Champion

Become an American boxing champion

The Ocean Floor

Walk the ocean floor

Saved from the Noose

Rescue a man from hanging

30 Cities

Visited at least 30 cities in a single trip

Crack the Case

Bring a murderer to justice using your powers of deduction

Under the Sea

Travel beneath the ocean waves with a certain infamous Captain

Aboard the Kahwoka Othunwe

Travelled across the northern wastes aboard the Floating Reservation

He is Lost!

Have Monsieur Fogg die

50 Days

Completed trip in 50 days or less

From the Earth to the Moon

Launch for the Moon!

A Life of Crime

Embark on a life of crime in the company of the world's greatest jewel thief

Despair in Vienna

Ruin the life of a man of Vienna

Love in the Ice

Reignite love in the frozen north

As Far As The Moon

Travelled over 239,000 miles in total

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Descend into the heart of the earth itself

Flying High

Become intimate with an airship

The Greatest Treasure

Enter the secret vault of the Artificers

Love in London

Find true love waiting for you on your return to London

Turn the Tide of War

Aid the Belgrade resistance

The Artificer's Rescue

Save an Artificer and her device from falling into the wrong hands

The Summit of Mount Elbrus

Visit the secret observatory of Mount Elbrus

40 Days

Completed trip in 40 days or less

A Night In the Ruins

Spend the night in Machu Picchu

A Career in Journalism

File a news story in the Times

Betray a Soul

Betray a living being to the Didacian nuns

Barrelling Forward!

Go over Niagara Falls!

No Hotels

Travelled all the way around the world without using a hotel