Dusty Revenge achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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First Death

Die one time


No Death throughout the level


1st Artillery Kill

First Blood

1st Sniper Kill

Tit For Tat

1st Use of Counter Move

Spy Spotted!

1 Mole Killed

Suicide Bunny

5 Suicide Jumps

Chain Reaction

100 hit combo

Mass Destruction

Hits 5 enemies with 1 Artillery Round

Bull Fighter

50 Bulls Killed

Fighter Badge

Use melee only for 1 level

Pest Buster

300 Rats Killed

Spies Everywhere!

20 Moles Killed

A True Bunny

1000 Double Jumps


100 Sniper Kills

Spider Bunny

Climb 100 walls


All Combos Unlocked

Boss of Bosses

Completed Boss Rush mode