Mark of the Ninja: Remastered achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Hisomu's Heir

Kill one guard.


Save Azai from the mercenaries.

Stealth Assassin

Perform 25 successful stealth kills.


Distract 25 guards using environmental objects.


Use a dead body to lure another guard and then stealth kill him.


Complete a level without getting detected.

The Worst Allies

Kill a guard by getting other guards to shoot him.

Things Better Left Unseen

Throw the body of one guard to terrorize another.

The Mercenary

Assassinate Kelly, the mercenary captain.

Crimson Haiku

Perform five different types of stealth kills in one level.


Terrorize 10 guards.

No One Lives Forever

Stealth kill an elite guard after stunning him.

Behind the Curtain

View any of the developer commentaries.

Karajan's Fate

Assassinate Karajan.


Complete a level without killing any guards.


Terrify a guard with a hanging stealth kill five times.


Escape from the Stronghold.

The Dark Project

Get the Undetected bonus 10 times in one level.


Complete a level without killing any guards and without being detected.


Determine your fate.

Deadly Shadows

Stealth kill a guard from inside a dumpster.

Days Long Past

Complete Dosan's Tale.

Back to Bed With You

Knock out an enemy again that was revived from being knocked out.

Well, *I* Think It's Interesting

Read one of the history lesson developer commentaries.


Distract 25 guards using your equipment.

Unstable Footing

Terrify a guard and cause him to stumble to his death.

Tactical Espionage Action

Within a single Focus, aim and throw three different types of items.


Dispatch two enemies at once using a body infected with Toxic Fungus.

What Could Have Been

Complete one of the original Mark of the Ninja levels using the Path of Wisdom.

Couldn't Do That before

Disable a spotlight using the Dusk Moths.

Of the Mind

Complete all of the challenge rooms.

Inner Heaven

Kill a guard from inside the box.


Earn all three seals in every level.


Earn all of the upgrades.

Descendent of Iga

Earn three stars in every level.


Find all three scrolls in every level.

The Humble Moth

Stun an elite guard with moths then dispatch him.

True Ninja

Complete the game in New Game Plus.