LASTFIGHT achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Karate Kid

Break an object thrown at you

EVO here I come!

Pull off a combo with over 450 damage


Achieve a play time of 5 hours (not including time in the menus)

Winners don't do drugs!

Don't take any anitrans and win the game

Drugs are bad!

Take a single anitrans and keep it until the end of the round


Play in all stages at least once

Table tennis tournament

Hit your opponent with an object after a six-shot rally

What was the point?

Transform without doing any damage

Trigger happy

Shoot 50 bullets / torpedoes / missiles

Done and dusted!

Complete Story mode (with any character)


Hit your opponent by throwing an object from the other side of the room

Lost and found

Knock out an opponent using only objects


Block 200 blows


Win a match with two perfect rounds

Smokin' tonight!

Complete five 4-player games in a row

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Choose a random character and stage and then win the match


Win a match with a double time-out

The real deal

Unlock Sector

Extreme removals

Throw 40 fridges

Iron Fist

Win a match without using a single special move or object

Pro Gamer

Complete 100 games in Versus mode

A close shave

Press "Continue" between 1 and 0 seconds

Faster than the Flash

Complete Story mode in less than 20 minutes

United we stand

Pick your buddy up 3 times in the same game

Stay off the gear!

Complete Story mode without transforming into a single Death Dealer

King of Tokyo

Complete a match with each of the four transformations

Twelve would be proud

Play with all the characters at least 1 time


Transform into a Death Dealer 5 times in the same match

Hardcore gamer

Win the right to change the stage 10 times

Bombs away!

Complete 10 matches by throwing an object at your opponent

Hands off my Trophy

Win a round and keep hold of the trophy for the whole of the next round

You've gotta earn that gold trophy

Beat Tomie Sector without using a "Continue"

Demolition Man

Destroy all the destructible elements in the game at least once

Jack of all trades

Use each object / weapon in the game at least once

Say my name!

Achieve 20 perfect rounds

Serena would be proud

Win five rallies

Team player

Send your buddy the third anitrans

Han's twin

Land the first blow in every first round of each match in Story mode

What's up, you broke?

Avoid using a "Continue" when playing the last level

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Carry your buddy for 5 seconds in a row in the same round

Mind over matter!

Win the game after being one round down and having less than 5% life in the second round


Watch all the pins at least once


Find the right pin combination

That belongs in a museum

Collect all the pins in Collection mode