Fantastic Contraption achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Lean Over

Beat the last tutorial level any way you can

The Green

Win any level using no powered wheels

The Minimalist

Win any level using 3 or fewer contraption pieces

Giraffe Clean

Beat Giraffe then remove all pieces and goal ball from the island

The Wheelie

Win any level using only wheels

Lightning Log Rolling

Beat Log Rolling in 5 seconds

Tube Champ

Beat Tube and keep the ball in the goal for 10 seconds

Green Hurl

Beat Hurl without using any powered wheels

Green Fetch

Beat Fetch without using any powered wheels

Minimalist Stairs

Win Stairs with 5 or fewer contraption pieces

Fully Completely

Beat all 50 official launch levels

Step Boomerang

Win Step then return all pieces and goal ball to the build area