Crash Drive 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Beginning Driver

Fully level a car


Get 10.000 points in one combo

I Believe I Can Fly

Get 6 Seconds of airtime

The End Of The Level

Fall out of the level

A Starting Collector

Collect 5 cars

Canyons Completed

Complete the Canyons level challenges

King of the Crown

Win a King of the Crown event

First Come First Serve

Be the first to find the ring

Competent Driver

Fully level 5 cars

Eat My Dust

Win a race against atleast 3 opponents

Tropical Completed

Complete the Tropical level challenges

Event Amateur

Win 10 Events

Burning Rubber

Do a 500m drift


Shoot a player with the tank

Toot Toot!

Honk 100 times


Do a front and backflip in one combo

Forest Completed

Complete the Forest level challenges

Paint it Green

Tag 25 objects in a Tag event

Feeling dizzy?

Do a 1080 spin

Triple Backflip

Do a triple backflip

Car Collecting Fanatic

Collect 10 cars


Find all rings

Triple Frontflip

Do a triple frontflip

Advanced Driver

Fully level 10 cars

Snow Completed

Complete the Snow level challenges

Event Pro

Win 50 Events

Car Collecting Addict

Collect 20 cars

Professional Driver

Fully level 20 cars

Event Master

Win 100 Events

Special Car Collector

Unlock all special cars

Ultimate Car Collector

Collect 30 cars

Expert Driver

Fully level 30 cars