MetaHuman Inc. achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Succeed in acquiring technology from the future.


Successfully deal with hacker problems.


Lose, and regain, a limb.

Beloved Leader

Be recognized as a great leader.

Media Darling

The press loves you.

Judge of Character

Correctly determine an embezzler's innocence or guilt.


Correctly identify a mystery killer.

Tamer of the Flames

Find a way to contain a creature of immense power.

Skilled Combatant

Prove yourself adaptable in a fight.

You Suck!

Manage to get on the bad side of the popular press.


Travel backward through time and space.

Now Hiring

Recruit a wild supernatural creature.

Defender of the World

Save the planet Earth.


Avert a hostage crisis without any loss of life.

The Greatest Sacrifice

Prove yourself ready to sacrifice everything to save the world.

Feared and Respected

Be respected as a feared CEO.


Become the most powerful human being in the world.


Catch a glimpse of a mystery assailant.

Awarded the Key to the City

Awarded the key to the city of Seattle for your philanthropic work.


Steal enough to make yourself rich.

Lateral Thinker