Dark Fear achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Rise and Awaken

Open your eyes

Let There Be Light

Illuminate your surroundings

Sweet Smell Of Freedom

Escape your prison

Looking After Yourself

Defeat the first enemy

Lost Property

Find the lost gold

Dealing More Pain

Upgrade your weapon

Perfect Kill

Win a battle with 100% perfect strikes

Being Careful

Purchase protective clothing


Combine two items

Emily Is No More

Let's Go Fishing

Pond Fisherman

Mendhi Protection

Mathematical Mind

Solve the numerical puzzle in the house

The Last Of The Barlows

Secrets In The Walls

Discover the secrets in the walls of the house

Giving Closure

Devil In The Trees



Seek Out The Truth

Master Hunter

Hunt every type of animal

Cat Hunter

A Titan Falls

I Know You

Find out who the mysterious individual in the photo is

Master Fisherman

Catch every type of fish

Blood Suckers

Worm Killer

Lycan Hunter


Rare Fish


Complete the game with a full score and all achievements