GRAVEN The Purple Moon Prophecy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Fishy business

For helping the fisherman sort his catch - Don't forget to clean your hands!

Lady of the Ring

You found the ring - you shall not leave!

Sharp brain

Solve a puzzle in less than 1 minute - it took 1000 times longer to make it!

Puzzle lover

You never give up, do you?

Locksmith's wife

For unlocking the cell doors. There is no obstacle you can't overcome.

Mosaic seeker

The box is half full, not half empty.

Happy bird

You saved it! Hopefully it won't fly straight into a pipe...

Sailed away

But he just got here...

Letter to a friend

A remarkable, yet terrifying discovery.

Blacksmith's daughter

Some experiences harden our will to succeed...

Light my fire

Now open the doors, leave this place and have no remorse!


You're all mine now!


Nothing can be hidden from you!


I'll have to consider changing my bank account password now...

Demon slayer

Because of you his world just fell apart.

Holy plant

...that is remarkable eyesight!

Strong will

Winning 3 HO's in a row without a hint - I bet the police ask you for hints!

Fast eye

...or clicky fingers?

Path of the holy plant

For collecting all of the mistletoe twigs!