Just Get Through achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Colorize it!

Find a colorpalette

Not helpful


Slowly and carefully walking to the exit

No big deal

Reach level 12 without picking up any items

Wrong door

This was not the exit

Well dressed

Try some new colorpalettes

Finally 21

From now on your life will be tough.

The Sandbox

Don't crash the game!


Collect over 20 HP Items in one run

It's okay to use it

Reach level 15 without using TNT


Reach level 10 in classic mode without dying once

Close call

Destroy a falling wall using your head


Reach level 30 in a classic run

Barely made it

Complete an advanced level with only one hp left

The chosen one

Reach level 35 in a classic run

Take a break

Two hours of permanent dying


Nope, there is none. At least not here...

Safety first

Activate 200 checkpoints


Destroy more than 500 walls in total


Reach level 40 in a classic run

No Scope

Trigger a mine by throwing TNT at it



Rocket acrobatics

Beat a rocket bot at their own game

Challenge accepted

I am hardcore


Reach level 45 in a classic run


Defuse a bear trap by throwing TNT at it

Almighty God

Reach level 50 in a classic game mode



Play and win more than 10 different global custom levels

Complete Collection

At least almost complete

Trash gatherer

Collect 20 damaged color palettes!


Have over 1000 Coins in one Coin Run


Waste 24 hours of your life

Light speed

Better be quick and use this flare for a few additonal pitch-black levels

Lucky fellow

Find the rare rainbow colorpalette

Daily Runner

Complete every daily run of one week

Let there be light

Ignite over 100 torches

Challenge completed

This was hardcore...