Goosebumps: The Game achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Calling All Creeps

Collect the cell phone from your school locker.

Stay Out of the Forest

Find a way past the strange man in the woods.

Welcome to Dead House

Complete Area 1 and return home.

You're Not Plant Food!

Narrowly escape defeat by wearing a talisman into the woods.

It Came from Beneath the Sink!

Face what lies beneath the sink… and survive!

An Old Story's End

Evict an elderly intruder.

Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid!

Intimidate a very deadly creature.

Toy Terror: Batteries Included

Disable a deadly toy bent on destruction.

The Ghost Next Door

See to the needs of the 3 unexpected guests.

Say Cheese!

Take a photograph using the Haunted Camera.

How I Got my Shrunken Head

Solve a compression problem to reach the attic.

I Was Your Evil Twin

Look into an antique mirror and do some self reflection.

Haunted Car

Convince your brother to give you a ride across town.

Shop Til You Drop… Dead!

Find a way inside the Mall.

Good Hare Day

Place the Magician's Top Hat on its rightful owner.

Are You Terrified Yet?

Find entry into the bookstore.

Elevator to Nowhere

Access the mysterious dimension from every possible angle.

Not the Living Dummy's Night

Survive the game to completion.

Invaders from the Big Screen

Tell Aunt Dahlia about your weekend plans

Deep in the Jungle of Retail

Correctly answer a riddle as if your life depended on it.

A Shocker on Shock Street

Be proactive and start your laundry.

Trick or… Trapped!

Survive a power outage with gnome complications.

Don't Go to Sleep!

Charge your cell phone.

It Came from the Internet!

Used modern technology to give the second Ghost Child his heart's desire.

Using the ol' Brain Juice

Find a way to call R.L. Stine without touching gross coins or a dirty phone receiver.

The Monster Who Cried Girl

Recreate a crime scene to get security off your scent.

Earth Geeks Must Go!

Achieve a perfect game of skeeball.

Slappy's Nightmare

Discover Slappy's secret shame.

It Came From Ohio!

Track down RL Stine in the phone book and give him a call.

Go Eat Worms!

Have your life ended in 10 unique ways.

Danger Time

Complete the game after draining your phone to 0% battery.

Heads, You Lose!

Pry the Haunted Mask off your face.

Creep from the Deep

Toss 10 expendable items into a deep, dark hole.

All-Day Nightmare

Finish the game in 300 turns or fewer.

My Friends Call Me Monster

Defeat Slappy while wearing the Haunted Mask.

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Gather all possible items dropped from the laundry chute.

It's Only a Nightmare

Complete the game without ever using the cell phone.

How I Learned to Fly

Finish the game in 175 turns or fewer.

Say Cheese--Again!

Take pictures of the 7 most deadly monsters using the Haunted Camera..

Night of the Giant Inventory

Grab every item you possibly can.