Merlin adventurer store achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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New Store Opening

Entered the game for the first time.


Unlock the 2nd dungeon.

Big House

Unlock all blocks of your decoration area.

The Eyes Of Truth

Widely Known

Get 800 prestige points

Make A Big Fortune

Earn 1,000,000 golds

Back Again

Reach NG+

Too Much Luxury

Get 800 points style points


Reach NG++

The Master Adventurer

Unlock the 10th dungeon.


Meet all 24 characters

The Honor As A Good Student

Win the first place in the normal end

The Last Struggle

Reach NG+++


WuJie reaches lv.100

Smart Merchant

Earn 10,000,000 golds

A Whole New World

Reach the true ending

Business Booming

Sell 1000 goods.

Get Drunk

Flamingo reaches lv.100



Tanuki reaches lv.100

One hammer, 80 coins

Martin reacheslv.100

Lasing From Mouth

Jackson reaches lv.100

Vigorous Strides

Kim reaches lv.100