Cyber Chicken achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Deadly Poultry

Get a score multiplier of x5


Get 20 melee kills

Killing Machine

Get a score multiplier of x10

Piggy Bank Fund

Save up $10,000

Finishing Strong

Kill using Special

Terminating Chicken

Get a score multiplier of x15

Big Boom

Get 2 kills with 1 howie shot

Hands-Free Selfie

Take your first effective selfie

Selfie Connoisseur

Melee Maestro

Get 100 melee kills

Beefed Up and Beat Down

Kill the roided cyberpunk

BOOM Headshot

Get 100 headshot kills

Making Ends Meet

Sell an upgrade back to the bank

In For The Fame

Exceed 100k followers

Big Spender

Be $25,000 in debt

The Farmer

Take a selfie with Hafez

Big Saver

Save up $100,000

Blown to Chicken-Bits

Kill yourself with the sawn off howitzer

Loyal Agent

Terminate your target

Check This Out

Take a selfie while performing a special move

Social Butter-Chicken

Take all possible selfies

Come At Me Bro

Beat the game on hardcore

Bigger Boom

Get 3 kills with 1 howie shot

Skypoint View

Fight the Man

Kill the Collector at the bank

Perfect Terminator

Purchase all the upgrades

Not So Obsolete?

Kill the n10 terminator

Two Birds, One Motherclucker

Get a double kill with one special move

F%*#ing Drones

Kill a drone with melee

Break the Man


Beat the game

Crispy Chicken

Kill yourself with the napalm roaster