GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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Game Install

Fired up the game.


[TUTORIAL] Finished all the basic training.

Illyria Calling

Handy With The Steel

When In Rome

Gear Up

[ARCADE] Finished any one of the characters' stories. (Any difficulty).

Killing, For Instants


That's How It Starts


[CHALLENGE] Cleared 50 challenges.


[Player Match] Hosted a room.

Sins of the Father

Gimmie a Head with Hair

Shoulder to Shoulder

[VERSUS] Fought a match in local versus mode.

Training Kept A Rolling

Profligate Profiling

I Been Here For Years

Turn of the Century


[CHALLENGE] Cleared 150 challenges.

Cradle Will Rock

I'm Mortal

Matchless Skill

[Player Match] Fought in more than 100 matches.

I'll Be Watching You


In A Different Key

You've Got A Peel

Record Deal

[Ranked Match] Your first victory.

Communication Breakdown


[MISSION] Completed 5 missions.

We're Getting The Band Back Together


[CHALLENGE] Cleared 300 challenges.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame


Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

[ARCADE] Finished all 14 characters' stories. (Any difficulty).

I Got It On Tape


[Ranked Match] Promoted to rank xx.

Tie Your M.O.M. Down

[Player Match] Fought in a room set to M.O.M. mode.


Everyone's A Critic


[Ranked Match] Fought a total of 100 matches.


[MISSION] Completed 30 missions.

Cash On The Table

Collected 1,000,000 World Dollars.

Radio Edit

World Tour

[Ranked Match] Defeated a higher ranked opponent. *Requires you to be at rank 11 or higher.

But This One Goes To 14

[M.O.M.] Unlocked rank 14.

Xrd Times The Charm

Unlocked all achievements.

A Man of Wealth and Taste